Saturday, October 20, 2012

October, Day 21

The infant points past his father, to an empty corner of his bedroom. "Who's that guy?"

No one can tell what the fuck it is, but something translucent, leggy, and alive is twitching on the floor of the commuter train, causing a panic. The Chinese driver enters the train to investigate, sees the thing and, without a word, kicks it onto the subway platform, causing the commuters waiting there to scatter in sudden terror.

A woman helps her dear friend sorting through the house recently occupied by her now-deceased mother. There is no draft or other air displacement in the house, but for a moment both of them are overwhelmed by the sudden, unmistakable, and strong, scent of roses.

# # # # # # # # #

Despite my love of horror films and fantasy in general, I've walked this earth without ever once experiencing a parting of the curtain, a glance at the other side. I am grateful to (and perhaps somewhat envious of) the friends who have had these experiences, and hope they won't mind me sharing them here. Uncommon experiences now saved in my commonplace book.

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