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THE RED RED BLOOD OF DRACULA (Spencer, 00) PeytonDracula presides over deco mansion and feeds on 12 kids. Shouldn't have ended the series.

Matthew Peyton's Diary.

The studio thought it wise to retire the character for a number of years, and I have to say I agreed a bit. To be honest I was quite surprised when they asked me back, but apparently I was their first call - the regime change hadn't quite happened yet, and they wanted to build on previous familiarity with the series. Ted was still under contract so he was back in as well.

They built a lovely house in the studio for it - if nothing else it was certainly the most visually striking film in the series. The director Renny Spencer built an incredible atmosphere, and he was quite good with us actors. The studio wanted a younger cast, and Renny jettisoned much of the script, letting the actors improvise some rather nice character details. The young lead, Jenna Clark, was awfully good - I thought she'd have a much more expansive career than she's had.

The final fight scene turned into a rather extended ballet choreographed by Jenna, Ted, and myself with Renny giving us space but giving some much-needed advice. We wound up dancing a somewhat tragic pas de deux as I disintegrated in the rising sun. Ted, as usual, topped himself, and if I do say so myself it was one of the loveliest moments in the series.

The response was greater than we could have hoped, and both the longtime fans and their children (which shows how old I was getting by this point) all seemed to enjoy it. RED RED BLOOD (and oh how I loved the juicy excess of that title) was a huge hit, and the studio took no convincing to greenlight a couple of more films. And I took no convincing to sign on for them.

But then Ted fucked everything up by dying.

...and the story continues here.

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