Thursday, October 11, 2012

October, Day 11 - CASTLE DRACULA

Matthew Peyton's Diary.

DRACULA was a surprise hit, so they immediately put the sequel into the works. CASTLE DRACULA was going to be bigger and better. I noticed that even though I drew a bigger salary I had fewer lines, but I wasn't complaining. It was an easier film to do, until they brought back Ted, who observed that since they killed me with a stake to the heart in the last one they couldn't just do it again. So I got killed this time in direct sunlight, and any thought I had about the movie being easier than the first went right out. Ted wanted to make sure my whole body was bursting into flame, including my face. It took hours to prepare, and it was hard to stay focused on my own work in the moment. But I let the terror of all of these tubes on my body spitting fog inform my reaction, and in the end my scream at the end came off pretty spectacularly.

It was on that film that Ted and I truly bonded, if you will. Our conversations kept me comfortable despite all of the crap Ted was gluing to me, and I grew to appreciate both his artistry and his level of thought. Though it was just my luck he'd been assigned to CASTLE DRACULA, I made a point to make sure he was employed on all of the Dracula films I worked on. Little was I to know that he was only getting started killing me...

...and the story continues here.

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