Monday, October 3, 2011

love goes to a House on fire

To clarify, the House of Sparrows is alive and well, if a bit quiet.

The real house lived in by your proprietor, however, is otherwise.

Not a pretty sight, and a truly unhappy thing to return home to. My apartment is not one of the ones on fire there - I live deeper inside the building, and my immediate living space was untouched by fire. Water and smoke damage, however, have claimed much that was within my living space (though I was able to get in and quickly retrieve some necessary and/or precious things left within).

I'm fine, as is everyone else who lives in the building (and their pets). An incredible community of friends, neighbors and well-wishers has assembled to support us.

At the moment I am sheltered, clothed, and fed (with adjacent house-sitting gigs lasting thru the end of October). I'm hoping the ball will roll toward a quick resettlement - happily, I live in San Francisco, a renter-friendly town that seems to be working hard to accommodate me and my neighbors.

Just dropping a note here, should you find this House darker and quieter than usual in the coming weeks. I had not wanted things to be this way in the weeks prior to Halloween, but it really wasn't in my hands.

I hope you all are well, and safely ensconced this Halloween season.


  1. Glad you're okay. Best of luck finding a new place.

  2. Thanks, CZ. My mood fluctuates from minute to minute, but I've got this weird faith that everything will turn out okay.

  3. Crikey! I've had such things happen to friends in the past and it's heartbreaking. To brighter days.

  4. Thanks, A.

    Currently sitting a lovely place (and two wonderful, fluffy cats within) for friends heading to Prague. Per my comment to Chadzilla above, I'm freakily faithful that all will be well. Eventually.

  5. It’s really disheartening to see such images, even though your house was left untouched by the fire. Anyway, I’m curious as to what started the fire. I do hope your neighbor have already recovered from that kind horrendous event. It’s never easy to cope with the trauma of suddenly losing your home like that.

    Stacey Neal @ Romero Insurance