Friday, April 1, 2011


No, it doesn't look like an April Fools joke - this thing's really coming out today. Heartening to read that the brothers Weinstein appealed the film's original R rating, even though his decision to re-release THE KING'S SPEECH in a PG-13 cut smacks of greed.

Outside the ways that this fundamentally dampens some of the film's most salient themes (as clearly and persuasively outlined by Owen Gleiberman at Inside Movies today) one wonders why the word "fuck" is still so scary to the MPAA. Particularly in the context of this film, in which it's used solely out of any offensive context. Such language gives the film some welcome grit, and isn't anything anyone who's been near a middle school playground in the last 40 years hasn't already heard. One wonders if the MPAA will ever stop treating audiences like children.

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