Monday, May 17, 2010

in conversation: Dark Shadows

house: D!!!!!!!!
4f: Hiya
4f: Still in bed
4f: Yay
4f: Still watchin DS
house: like fritos, isn't it? can't stop with one episode
4f: Yup
4f: Amd dsoesnt matter if I doze
house: indeed
house: it's ambient gothic TV
4f: Yes!
4f: I love the lines
4f: Sometimes I feel like replying
house: it's drinking game fodder to be sure
4f: everyone draws a name from a hat - when your character goes up on a line, you drink
4f: "Ok. It's because I'm a fucking vampire ok? Now get off my back!"
house: and when roger draws from the decanter in the living room, everyone drinks
4f: Ha
house: i don't completely understand my fondness for roger
house: maybe because on a fundamental level we both just want it quiet
4f: Heh
4f: Ha ha
4f: He's the resident malcontent
4f: Mrs stoddard doesn't help improve morale
house: she classes up the place, though
4f: Yeah. Classy dame.
house: one of the finest moments in the series' first year is when carolyn (the free-wheeling blonde) sluts it up one too many times, and mrs. stoddard just lets her have it
4f: Hahahhahha
4f: LOVE the lines!
4f: Haha
house: you can see why depp and burton are queer on making the film
4f: Yyyesssssssssss
4f: I was tickled pink to hear about it
house: there's no way it'll be allowed, but i'd love it if burton executed each shot/scene in one take like the original show
4f: Yes!
4f: Whatever it'll be good
house: here's hoping
house: still watching DS or are you doing stuff?
4f: both
house: good good
4f: i'm enjoying the most delicious miso an dnoodles for lunch
house: excellent
4f: why did they want willie gone to begin with?
4f: he put the moves on the slutty chick?
4f: they are so mean to him
house: yeah - plus he was jason's more unhinged lil' buddy - jason would threaten shit, but willie looked just THIS far from actually doing it
house: there are quite a few episodes of bad willie before barnabas basically (i'm convinced) raped him
4f: vampires do that
4f: this series is rich and superficial all at the same time
house: it really is!
4f: "rich" and campy too
house: it plays a long game - you have like 20 episodes of almost non-existent plot development, and then something really insane, otherworldly, or just plain fucking GAH happens
4f: the residents are SO stupid
4f: kinda love it
house: a frustrating drawback about the show is that you're almost never behind the characters - you know a secret, and wait for weeks for the characters to figure it out
4f: ha
house: the series nearly lost me the first year when victoria was locked in a basement for ten straight episodes
4f: was this created in part for tweens back then?
4f: or stupid housewives?
house: not deliberately, i don't think - it was made for the daytime TV audience, but the kids quickly caught on and became the show's main demographic
4f: i LOVE the "next episode" option
house: on DVD i just let the thing run
4f: one press of a button and then a fix...
4f: ah
house: and i like how the camera fixates on an empty space as the closing credits roll
4f: yes
house: how many episodes have you watched?
4f: 14
house: cool - you've seen both episodes 214 and 222 - don't recall what happened in them, but they were both shown at MOMA during the jeremy blake WINCHESTER show
4f: we're at the spot where willie has moved into the place and barnabas has comissioned a painting of himself
house: right
4f: young child's name is david
4f: heh
house: i've come close to putting some david-related dialogue on my voicemail greeting, since he's always missing/fucking around at the old house

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