Saturday, November 7, 2009


Eleven love stories shot in New York, each by a different filmmaker and none following the same arc. The intersection of different lives, of souls on their way to their respective destinies, feels absolutely true to the spirit of New York, and every connection (be it brief or lifelong) feels like a miracle. Just as miraculous is some of the talent and artistry on display, with foreign filmmakers working effectively in non-native English and Hollywood artists riding the challenge to new heights (I never thought I'd love something directed by Brett Ratner, but his prom night segment is a warm and sexy gem; similarly, Shia LeBoeuf is downright luminous as a gentle valet seeing to the needs of a retired diva).

The film is a vast improvement over the more varied but less consistent PARIS, JE T'AIME. Though clear favorites emerged in that film, the individual episodes of NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU are best experienced in one another's contexts. I found something wonderful in every segment, and I wish I could share the movie with all of you. I can hardly wait for SHANGHAI, I LOVE YOU.

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  1. New York,i love you is a dramatic movie,New York City is gigantic, crammed to the gills with people of all kinds, from all kinds of different places, of all ages and walks of life. But you wouldn't know any of that from watching New York, I Love You, the omnibus film follow-up to Paris, Je T'aime, which gives 10 directors and wanna be directors the opportunity to hold the camera and express their most cliched notions of what's to love about the city I call home. you can watch New York,i love you from the internet.