Monday, July 18, 2011


A daring robbery spearheaded by the hulking, ambitious bandit Gasback is interrupted by the notorious gunman Vash the Stampede. Twenty years later, Gasback is settling scores against his henchmen in that robbery, and a rogues gallery of bounty hunters assemble to take their shot at the bounty on his head. Vash is also waiting in the wings, but seems more interested in a gun-toting young woman with her own score to settle.

This was your proprietor's first trip into the insane world of Trigun, but God willing it will not be the last. The energy on display in this film is unmistakable, and the clever script plays a very long game over its brisk 90 minutes. The film is filled with faces familiar to longtime Trigun fans, but enough of the backstory is suggested to keep newcomers up to speed. The western elements are well-maintained within the film's colorful, sci-fi desert milieu (FIREFLY fans note: this is the Real Deal), and the various showdowns, character moments, and reveals are an absolute joy, each and every one.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Warren Oates.

I was but a lad of twelve when my folks took me to BLUE THUNDER. I remember my dad gasping a bit at the film's dedication to the memory of Warren Oates. By that tender age I'd gained a very basic familiarity with death. And I remembered Oates from STRIPES and a couple of others (possibly THE BORDER, certainly 1941).

What happened at that moment was something I felt more than understood, but for the first time in my life I took a moment of respectful silence to acknowledge, with sadness and gratitude, the passing of someone I felt (again, more than knew) was great.

I've seen enough of his work to know that he was, in fact, one of the greatest. And I'm delighted that so many of his films await me (and I look forward to the Monte Hellman series the Roxie's hosting later this month).

And since it's still July 5th in San Francisco for a couple more hours, I believe I will have a drink.

Happy Birthday, Warren.

(image courtesy the fantastically titled Tumblr Fuck Yeah, Warren Oates. And many thanks to Arbogast for the heads up on the date.)